motorcycle fleet for hire

company that rents motorcycles. Frequently serviced and lovingly cared-for. newest and most well-known models. 24 hours a day, every day. Simply select your motorcycle and proceed. Welcome to our website, my dear biker brother. We are experts in Balkan curvy roads, aficionados of motorcycle travel, and, of course, motorbike enthusiasts. We made the decision to combine our passion of motorbikes, the beautiful scenery of Croatia, and sunny twisty roads. We could even argue that “it is our duty to share it with you” because we believe that Croatia is a biker’s paradise, replete with many kilometers of sunny, winding mountain roads and breathtaking scenery. On average, there are 2700 sunny hours each year in Croatia.Our motorcycle rental company, which is stocked with the most significant, modern, and well-known motorcycles, medium- and large-size all-rounders, will undoubtedly satisfy all of your desires to take full advantage of your exploration of Croatia’s islands, roads, and Balkan beauty. Our headquarters are in Split, Croatia, which is the largest city on the eastern shore of the glorified Adriatic Sea, has a 1700-year history, is connected to the rest of the world by a modern highway, an international ferry port, and, of course, an airport. Split serves as a fantastic starting and finishing point for your unforgettable Croatian motorcycle adventure.Motorcycle rental Croatia.

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