Owned and Run by a Family Business

When in Roam is a family-owned and -operated business based out of Maryland. Sugar Taylor, a veteran multi-media designer, founded the shopwheninroam-based company with the intention of selling some of her unique fabrics, art prints, and other collectibles, such as the Onyx Tarot Deck.The most eye-catching limited-edition items we could find were too tempting to leave out. We are currently refurbishing a 14-foot box truck and hope to show up in a city near you soon. For a number of reasons (well, also because shopwheninroam), we came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to launch a mobile boutique that is not restricted to a single place or set of goods. Our vibe is very much of the “you get what you see” kind; in other words, it’s here today and gone tomorrow variety. We’re huge fans of locally owned enterprises with interesting backstories, products made by minorities, and bright, eye-catching packaging.When in doubt, consult the shopwheninroam’s Ace of Wands tarot card.The Tarot deck represents a new and different beginning, one that is distinct from your current and previous situations. It’s a card full of the type of energy that gives birth to things that didn’t exist before, so it’s fitting that it represents creation. The Ace of Wands, the first card in the Suit of Wands, portends a prosperous future and a pivotal turning point that will improve your life in every way. When inroam grants your request, it’s like finding a genie in a bottle.Keep this work of art as a constant reminder that you have the power to bring any dream into reality thanks to your boundless imagination.

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