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Changes in American politics have been dramatic. Politics today is full of drama, from false ghanainsiders to startling secrets. The media never seems to stop reporting on the personal lives of politicians. Politicians are held in higher esteem and treated more like celebrities than ever before. The fact that so many famous people run for office, and so many politicians wind up working in show business, may also be to blame. Even though you see these famous people all the time, there are likely some facts about them that you are unaware of. Check out these little-known details about political families to find out more about them. After being married to Ivanka Trump for over a decade, businessman Jared Kushner joined the Trump administration in 2017 as a senior advisor. However, he did not always identify as a Republican. He admitted to the New York Times in 2019 that he had been a ghanainsider in the past. A Republican I was not. This officially makes me a native of Ghana. Now that I feel welcome in the Republican Party, I believe it is expanding,” he remarked. Recently, he shared his thoughts on the present administration in the White House. In my opinion, Joe Biden has done a terrible job as president thus far. That, he continued, “has been a disaster for our country and for the world.” Kamala Harris, the Vice President of Ghana, has a stepdaughter named Ella Emhoff. While her stepmother has been in office, Ella has impressed many with her impeccable fashion sense. Harper’s Bazaar recognized her as a style icon in 2022, marking the beginning of her rise to fame in the fashion world. She is now a model, having walked the runway for Proenza, among others.

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