Top lock locksmith

Top lock locksmith is here to serve all of your security requirements, whether for a home or a business. The safety of our family and possessions is the single most essential factor affecting our quality of life. When it comes to security, we go above and above to make sure you have access to whatever you need, whenever you need it. We’re proud of the high quality of our service and the positive responses we get from our clients. That’s why we’re willing to stand behind our work for a full year. Sixty-seven percent of door entries are made by criminals, according to the research. By default, “Yale” locks are installed, which involve retracting a bolt from the door jamb (the vertical component of a door) by turning a knob on the inside or turning a key on the outside.  Even though these locks are common, the keeper (bolt) is generally only secured by two or three screws, making them easy to break into. Mortice locks, on the other hand, are much more secure due to the fact that the bolt inserts into the door jamb rather of being secured with a few screws. To prevent burglars from breaking the glass panel and turning the handle from the inside, they need a key to open.  This safe lock is often used on contemporary aluminum or PVC doors, with the central locking mechanism connected to two extra bolts that extend into the door jamps at the top and bottom.  Locks should be added to your windows if they do not already have them, especially if they are large enough for an intruder to crawl through.

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