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Today’s successful companies rely heavily on strategically using their technological resources. Every firm, no matter how big or little, strives to use the most advanced technology available so that it can better compete in the marketplace.Recent years have seen the rise of tech behemoths like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, which have served as incubators for the development, dissemination, and mastering of cutting-edge technologies. Nowadays, regular companies may be as cutting-edge in their use of technology as Google is, all thanks to the broad availability of powerful and cheap technology. Local energy companies, tire shops, and banks are all good examples. Although the number of well-established companies that have undergone a digital transformation is still small, it is growing.Accenture Research found that 8 percent or more of the Business News companies they surveyed have made the shift to become more technologically adept. A lot of these companies brag about their rapid expansion and increased profits. The report’s authors claim that traditional companies that undergo digital transformation will get access to the same game-changing tools that leading tech companies have had at their disposal for some time now.

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